Breakpoint Pc Repair & Upgrades _




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STEP 1,2 and 3
1. Click on the Start Orb in the lower left corner
2. Expand(Open) All Programs then Maintenance folder
3. Select Windows Remote Assistance;

Step 4
4. Select Invite Someone You Trust To Help You

Step 5
5. Select Save This Invitation As A File

Step 6
6. Enter a password in to the boxes and click Finish. Make sure you save the file some where you can find it. Preferably your desktop.
Step 7
From here I can't provide any further pictorials as it will very based on your choice of e-mail.
All you need to do is open your e-mail client whether it's Outlook Express or a web based mail such as MSN Live(Hotmail), Yahoo! or Verizon.
From there, simply start a new message, attach the file we just maid and mail it to
Step 8
8. Once we receive the file, we will initiate the connection. We will then submit a request to you to take control of your PC. Select Yes.
Once we have control of your desktop, you will be able to override that control at any time by simply moving your mouse.