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See a list of the serviced we offer and our very affordable rates.


Hardware Upgrades


   Feel like your PC is a bit too slow?? How about speeding it up with some extra RAM(Memory)!

   There are many options for upgrades. A new Hard Drive to store more music files or pictures. A Video or Graphics Card to improve gaming or get the full experience out of the all new Windows 7. T.V. Capture Cards for watching and recording television on your PC. Perhaps if you want to get High Speed internet but you don't have an Ethernet port for your new modem.

   New Motherboard and Processors(CPU) are always a fun investment(Ask for details).

(Re-)Installing Operating System


   PC getting bogged down from to many years of adding and removing programs? Spyware or virus problems? Make your machine dance like new by reinstalling your OS(Operating System). How about trying that new OS everyone has been talking about.... Windows 7. We can help.

Installing Software


   Let us help you install that new anti-virus or spyware removal program. Games, applications or any other type of CD/DVD software.

Physical Cleaning


   We will physically open up your computers case and chase out all of those little dust bunnies living inside. This service is included free of charge with any other paid service that requires us to open your PC's case. 

Security Maintenance


   This is an all inclusive service. We will install your new anti-virus software, update all definitions and run your first scan. When the scan is complete, we will show you how to properly address the files that are detected.

Data Backup


   Basic data back-up(Up to 20GB). We will place all of the files on CD/DVD's. Feel safe knowing that you will never loose those precious family photos, important documents even music.

   It is Highly recommended that data be backed up on a regular basis and Always before any other maintenance is performed on your rig.



   Here we will determine what is troubling your computer. Basic diagnostics will be performed to get to the root of any problems.

  This is a non-refundable service charge applied to all computers brought in. 

  After an assessment has been made and you decide to let us fix the problem, the $35 will go towards the final cost of your service.


(Example: $35 trouble shooting determines that you need a new hard drive installed($35) and your OS reinstalled on the new drive($65).

 The total would be the sum of $35 and $65 for $100. The trouble shooting fee will be covered.)



MP3/iPod Digital Camera, Printer, Scanner, etc. Setup


   We can set-up any peripheral device that connects to your PC from an out side cable(Firewire, USB, etc.) You will get expert advice on how to operate your device.
Cable, DSL or Dial-up Set-Up


   Dump AOL and upgrade to High-Speed internet. Cable or DSL will greatly increase your down/up load times and help you navigate the web at a pace far greater than dial-up.

 This also includes basic security lock downs of your router and PC. 

PC Set-Up and Install


   Get a new computer?? Feels great doesn't it?! Hooking up that new monster may be a daunting task with all of those wires danglin' about. We can help.

 Includes home visit(within a 15 Mile radius of our shop in Scranton) Set up of computer tower, monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse, and printer.

 We will also make sure that you can connect to your existing internet connection.



Remote Desktop Assistance


   A new feature that we offer is Windows Remote Desktop Assistance.

  We can troubleshoot most problems without ever entering your home. It's safe and secure. You can watch the entire time we are working on your PC and can regain control by simply moving your mouse.


$35 for 1st hr. $15 add. hr.

In Home Service

All in home service will incur a $50 service charge.
This charge will include the general areas within a 15 Mile driving radius of our shop according to Google Maps
Outside this area will be an additional $1.00 per mile. Miles will be determined by subtracting 15 miles from a Google map direction list.
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